How 2015 Has Already Blown Me Away!

A new year has begun and 2015 looks to be one of our best yet. We are so thrilled to report that many of the goals we challenged you with at the banquet, visits, sharing, email, etc., has been met! The response at our November banquet was so strong as well as the response from the churches we visited, including general response from MB supporters. The funds have come in or have been pledged in order to provide for the pastors through regional meetings, conferences and resources. The funds to purchase a van, buy resources, ship and clear the container and provide for regional meetings and conferences are in the bank! There are still some projects that we hope to accomplish in improvements and upgrades and will trust the Lord for those funds as the year progresses. We will also be challenging you soon with helping us provide scholarships for married couples for the July marriage seminar.

CMM has a new ride  IMG_0437 (1)

Last week we purchased a van for CMM. God, along with Ritchie Kabugi, helped us locate a great van for the money. It has taken about a week to get the paperwork, tags, insurance, etc. but it is now at our apartment. We leave on Monday morning early for a 6 day trip to 3 different cities and all our team, plus equipment, gifts and baggage will fit nicely. It has a great sound system and A/C throughout. Check out the pictures and choose your seat for when you visit.

Regional Meetings

Our team will be in western Kenya this week at 3 different cities for regional meetings. There is one rest/travel day in the middle so please say an extra prayer during the week as you think about us. We will post updates along the way on Facebook.

March Conference

Next month will be our first conference of 2015. The excitement is always so high for the first conference of a new year. We have 20 guests coming from the States and are expecting God’s anointing and blessing to change hundreds of lives during that 5 days.

2015 Schedule

Several of you request to know when we have different events planned throughout the year. We have attached a flyer that we just produced to give out to pastors so they can plan which conference they will attend. Check it out HERE.

Happy New Year

May God grant each of you His blessings of protection, prosperity, peace, health and healing throughout this year and may He enlarge the borders of your tent as you have helped us enlarge His Kingdom in Africa.

Ronnie and Debbie