2 Slums, a Bible School, 700 teenagers and a Wedding!


 Someone asked me yesterday how have things been going this past week. Exciting, overwhelming, fulfilling and joyous would describe how it went.Monday through Thursday was Count Me In where over 700 young people’s lives were changed. Over 200 youth were saved the first couple of nights with over 90% rededicating their lives to Jesus during the week.  On Thursday morning I spoke for 2 hours at a regional meeting in one of the slums of Nairobi to over 100 pastors. After speaking, we crossed the city (missed lunch…real missionary work now (:J) then taught a group of Bible school students at Spirit of Faith Bible school how to use a concordance.On Friday I spoke to another group of pastors in an adjoining slum for 2 hours on leadership.  Saturday we attended the wedding of Roy Upton and Idha from 11:00AM-3:30PM. What a contrast of traveling into the slums and the surroundings and travel conditions then to attend a wedding at a beautiful gardens and resort location with such a beautiful couple and well dressed guests with a buffet lunch under the tents. However, you can see from one of the pictures I posted that I had the best looking girl at the wedding!

I was blessed in being able to touch so many key leaders with teaching and ministry at the regionals and Bible school. However, yesterday at staff meeting we downloaded and debriefed on how Count Me In went. As I sat and listened to testimonies the kids had written and the reports from some of the leaders that had counseled and ministered I was overwhelmed at what was accomplished in those that will be tomorrow’s pastors and leaders. Due to a recent strike in Kenya by all it’s teachers, school had to be extended into August and many teens would not be able to attend the conference due to having to go to school. So we advertised on a local radio station to invite kids and attracted many kids from the ghettos. One young man (Fred Mwaura/Joy Divine) went out into the streets and gathered up over 40 street kids to bring to the conference as well. As I listened to some of those that taught workshops and did counseling, I was taken back with the number of young people that are being abused (80-90% of the girls counseled have been and many still are being sexually molested by relatives, neighbors, etc.). Many of them confessed to sexual immorality, drug use and some things I will not mention. But….then came Count Me In and they got saved, healed, delivered and set on a new path.

Consider this…..the president of Google was recently in Kenya and shared that Kenya leads the world in googling”’how to” for searching information. The number one “how to” question is in regards to getting an abortion. Can you believe that Kenya leads the world in asking how to get an abortion. But…then came Count Me In and many of these young girls lives will never be the same again.  Big thanks to this amazing team that helped lead this amazing week!

As I sat in yesterday’s meeting and saw the gospel in action in some of the most messed up lives in our nation and then saw what God had done in 5 days, I wished that every one of you that has helped Mission Barnabas accomplish our vision had been sitting right next to me to hear this and see the effect that having such a place (CMM) and having such ministry (Joel Chola, Chris White and team, Karice, our staff) is accomplishing. Because of your help we get to experience first hand lives being changed.

So how has my week been? Amazingly and wonderfully fulfilled while doing my passion!