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We are so blessed that you have visited our website.  We hope that you find all of the information that you need while you are here.  Whether you need information about our facilities or would like to register for a Leadership Conference, you are at the right place.

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July 30, 2015 |

An Awesome Conference!!!

We just finished a 5 day marriage conference with approximately 140 couples, our largest by far. What a week. We witnessed so many marriages touched, changed, saved, healed and renewed. Thanks to the team from Living Word Church, Houma, La., Gary and Diane Staats, Barnabas and Grace Achoki, the CMM staff and each of you, the conference was a great success. We saw couples laugh, cry, shout, pray for one another, embrace, praise and worship and totally be renewed by the love of God and love for one another. The couples were also blessed by an eye clinic and a medical clinic, books and loads of gifts. We ended the last night with a...

July 1, 2015 |

Send a couple to our Marriage Conference!

Dear Friends and Family: During the past 12 years, every other July we have a 5 day marriage conference at CMM. For Debbie and I, this is one of our favorite conferences that we host. We get to witness and watch marriages changed, healed and restored right before our eyes. The pastors tell us that if their marriage is healed then their ministry is healed. We love the last night when we finish the conference with a banquet and each husband escorts his wife (all decked out in their finest) to the dining hall. We witness the week’s teachings surface in such joy and happiness and resolve from them to go and change other...

June 17, 2015 |

June Update

While we have been away……. For the past 6-7 weeks I have been living in the chairs of 3 different dentists. As we return to Kenya I am still in healing mode but ready to get back to Kenya. What has been such a blessing to us is all that has happened during our absence the past 2 months. Our staff (CMM) has worked alongside Good Works Now/Nations Training Institute, Crossing Boundaries and Dee Levens Ministries to help bless hundreds of pastors with great Bible teaching  in 4 different regional meetings (Dee Levens had 476 pastors in one regional), help facilitate a graduation for Nations Bible Institute, and help build a greenhouse and plant...

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